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Could you use more than simple blank chore charts for kids? Grab your own free Mama Tools parenting tips reports here.

Print out as many of this free blank chore chart as you need. You can customize them for your own family's situation. You can even have chore charts for multiple children; whatever you wish.

Use blank chore charts to teach teamwork, responsibility, time management and household management in your homelife. By using chore charts effectively, you can also lessen the amount of nagging and frustration you experience.

Or use this blank chore charts template as simple family or kids chore lists. And get everyone's attention at the same time.

Our family tries to clean house each Saturday morning. Some weeks we do better than others...but the bottom line is we make a stab at cleaning the whole house regularly and we do it together which helps everyone's attitude. If you use a family chore chart to get these jobs done, you can easily engage in a little friendly competition with your kids. Kids generally prefer to do things with the family as opposed to doing chores on their own.

The bottom line here is that you can use blank chore charts to get multiple activities organized in your home. Use a little creativity and employ some out-of-the-box strategies to reign in some of your stressors. You'll be glad you did.

Print this Blank chore chart or Family Chore Game or this Family chore chart (Requires a PDF file reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader).

blank chore chart
Free Chore Chart - Family Chore Game
Family chore chart

Using blank chore charts - to print - effectively.

You'll notice there are two blank chore charts featured on this page. One will work for kids (or even adults) and one is designed for family usage.

  • Kids blank chore chart.
This chore chart can be used with very small kids all the way up to teens and older. It is text-based; click here if you'd like more choices of young children's printable reward charts. Customize the blank chart with weekly chores; kids can check off or color in the appropriate squares as they finish chores. If you like stickers, see my sticker behavior charts page where there is a sheet of printable stickers for you.

By the way, a fill in the blank chore chart is a great way to help a teen get organized. You can use the kids charts for keeping track of sports and music practices, too. If homework is an issue, see my printable homework charts.

Don't start with too many chores at a time, especially with younger kids. In fact, if we're talking preschoolers or early elementary aged kids, one or two chores at first is probably enough. As they gain skill and practice (and grow) you can add more chores.

I like to think of a blank chore chart as more of a to-do list than a 'work' list. For us, things like brushing teeth and making a bed would be included on the chore chart as well as taking out the trash and sweeping the floor. That way our kids have an easy reminder list in front of them each day. I can say "have you checked off your chores today?" and they answer knowing whether or not they've actually done the chores yet. It's a friendly reminder without my having to nag.

On the other hand, if the kids are not doing their chores in a timely manner, I can simply look at the chore chart and say "wow, I thought you were going to get to do _____ (a privilege they had planned) today. But I see your chores are not done, so I guess not." Very matter-of-fact. Usually that's all I have to say and things start getting done. They might complain, but mostly they're complaining to themselves.

  • Family blank chore chart.
My family chore chart is more than just a free blank chore chart to print out, slap on the fridge and hope it works; it's a great tool you can use to get your whole family on board with household tasks. I mean, really, what family loves to do housework? But we all have our jobs to do and a chore chart can unify the group.

Chore charts for multiple children - making the most of a good thing.

Personally, I find it too confusing to try and run everyone's chores from one blank chore chart. Besides, most kids like a blank chart of their very own they can fill out. I find it easier to run a master calender with items for me to remember, such as "check printable kids charts", so that I can provide some accountability for my kids. The nitty-gritty details of what is on those multiple charts belongs on the individual charts, NOT on my master schedule. Does that make sense?

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