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Your home life can really benefit from using a chores for kids chart. For extra help, grab your own free Mama Tools parenting tips reports here.

What types of tasks can you put on a chores for kids chart?

  • making bed
  • doing homework can be kept track of on a free chore chart or on printable homework charts
  • picking up toys
  • doing dishes
  • taking out garbage
  • practicing piano/dance/taekwondo/basketball/soccer/etc.
  • reading
  • sweeping floors
  • folding clothes
  • vacuuming
  • dusting
  • recycleables
  • making a family meal
  • caring for pets

Printable chore charts would make keeping track of these chores easier for both you and your child.

Print this Blank Kids Chore Chart or Family Chore Game or Printed Kids Chore Chart (Requires a PDF file reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Blank kids chore chart
Free Chore Chart - Family Chore Game
Printable Kids Chore Chart

More chores for kids chart ideas...

  • random acts of kindness
  • hugs
  • getting to bed on time
  • no fussing
  • cooperating cheerfully
  • helping a sibling
  • weeding the garden
  • and many, many more
(For more parenting information, see my "10 Parenting Tips" article.)

Some things to remember about chores for kids chart ideas.

  • Be age appropriate when using printable chore charts.
Not all kids can do all chores. Preschoolers can do a lot, but not as much or as difficult of chores as elementary age kids. Tweens can handle much more responsibility and teens should be learning all aspects of how to run a household.

  • Safety first.
Train on how you want your chores done; in fact, do the chores alongside your kids for the first few times, at least. Use all appropriate safety equipment and make it a requirement that your kids use said safety equipment. Don't let small children use toxic cleaners. Train older children in the proper use of all equipment, such as kitchen appliances or lawn equipment. For more details, see my chore charts article.

  • Don't overload or underload on your chore charts.
Kids need the right amount of chores at the right stages of their lives. They need to learn responsibility, but remember, you are not getting a slave out of the deal!

When kids are in school, chores need to be balanced with schoolwork. On the other hand, no chores for kids is not a good thing. Requiring no chores from your kids is a good way to teach them that life exists to serve them, in which case they will have a rude awakening when they hit adulthood.

Done firmly and reasonably, using chore charts with kids can be a powerful way to teach them responsibility, self-confidence and let them know what it's like to be needed in a family. And we all need to be needed.

  • Think out of the box when using a mothering tool like a behavior or chore chart.
The chores you put on a kid's chart do not have to be traditional chores. Think of the behavior traits you'd like to encourage. Sports and music activities your child is learning need to be practiced every day. Unfinished homework projects that need to be tracked. We've used a reading chart with success in our home; tracking daily reading over a month's time and working towards a fun goal.

The possibilities are truly endless. Using a chores for kids chart, you can guide your child in a consistent and effective manner without nagging or stress. Take a look around this website for more chore chart ideas. You can find printable behavior charts, printable homework charts, and family chore charts, as well as preschool printable calendars.


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