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Tips for using our free chore chart.

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Mom, when using a free chore chart template, don't waste your valuable time!

Get the most out of this or any free chore chart with these tips.

  • If desired, personalize your free chore chart. Write in child's name to the left of "Chore Chart" on printed chart.
  • Fill in weekly chore list, then make copies for regular use.

  • Give each child in your household a free chore chart. Maintain a separate chore list for everyone.

  • Child can use stickers or markers to mark chores completed.

  • Don't try to cram too much onto one chore chart. Use several for maximum homelife efficiency.

  • Place your free chore chart in a public place where child can remember to use it.

  • Parent can use alternate color marker to mark chores NOT completed or not completed correctly. Use your chore checklist to help improve your children's skills over time.

(Scroll down for more helpful tips below these free chore charts for families.)
Print this free chore chart or Family Chore Game or printable reward charts (Requires a PDF file reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader).

free chore chart Free Chore Chart - Family Chore Game printable reward charts
  • Consider using printable reward charts for their motivational qualities.

  • Use reward systems to motivate usage of all kinds of behavior charts.

  • Fine-tune your mothering skills by using your own free chore charts. You will demonstrate leadership to your child and instill a team spirit.

  • Saving weekly or monthly printable chore charts in a binder and reviewing occasionally can lead to a genuine feeling of accomplishment in a child.

  • Use these free chore charts for kids to track a friendly competition between children (chores are a lot more fun if they are a game!).

  • Give Grandma or a day care provider a free chore chart so your training can be supported away from home, too.

  • Let child decorate his or her free chore chart template or print out on colored paper. Encourage your child to create pride in his achievements.

  • If you prefer, this free chore chart can be used over and over again by placing inside a clear plastic sleeve. Use a dry erase marker to mark chore chart; wipe clean when finished with week.

  • Get maximum results from your free chore chart by reading our chore charts article.

  • If you prefer, you can print out our free household chores checklist chart. It is less child-oriented, but adaptable for all your household cleaning needs.

  • Oftentimes one free chore chart is not enough to get the job done.
    I find lots of creative household and organizing ideas work best. Then I can easily adapt my mothering as my kids grow. I have really enjoyed using Maria's organizing ebook. You might like it also.

  • Have you been to Squidoo? I have a lens on printable reward charts there, come and say hello!

Comments from visitors to our page about free chore charts for kids:

"I believe that this is what I need for both of my boys. I have tried alot of things but not this so after reading this information I believe that I will give it a try. Thank you."

"Wonderful!! thank you this is what i wanted! i have been searching in the net for quite some time and finally here i am. Great resource. Bravo!!"

"This chart has helped me alot with my children keeping this house clean.  I love it."
Andrea D.

"First time on the sight.  It's a great resource for parents.  Just printed out the chore chart.  I prefer to call it a "success and reward chart" but either way it's a handy visable tool for families to stay on track.  Thanks!"
Cynthia C.

"I happened to come across your website in search of a printable Chore Chart. I found so many more useful tips and ideas! I am excited to try them out. Since I am more of a "controlled Chaos" type mom of three. I am hoping to organize my new home. And am glad to have found your site! Thanks for all the great tips!"
Stacey I.

"Im so glad I found you! I spent 1 1/2 hours looking for simple to the point ideas. I'll be back for more. THANK YOU ."

"I think your website is great."

"Since moving into a bigger home, my 2 children now having their own rooms. I feel this chore chart will help them stay on track in keeping their rooms organized and cleaned along with helping me around the house more.  Thanks you!~!"
Becki S.

"I think that this is a good idea, especially for kids and teenagers with a lot of things that need to be done. Its helpful because sometimes kids need a reminder to get things done."
Ashley M.

"I just love this site, my kids are doing their chores alot better now with the chore chart, thanks so much."
"Thank you so much Paintedgold, my kids have improved so much on their chore and cleaning skills, they've been listening better and best of all the chore charts are printable and free!"
Anne B.

"Thank you thank you this is exactly what I was looking for, keep up the good work."
Tami B.

"I was so happy to have found your chore chart!  I had been looking for one online to print out, but they all had chores filled in already, or had only room for a few chores.  Thanks again!!!"

"Wow, this is fantastic....I was sitting here getting ready to make one of my own when I googled chore charts, and this one came up. What a life saver. This is going to be great for my foster children."

"this is a awesome website. P.S. I love your chore chart!!"

"I have  the  worst  child  for  getting motivated.. this seems to have  done the  job  for  now... "

"These are great... Thank you for them and they were FREE... Mother of 3"

"thank you this helps save alote of my time which means more time for my kids"
"This what i need for my girls i wish there was other web sites like this thank u it was very useful."
"you rock, thanks for the chores chart it really help"

Thanks, Moms, for all the great comments about our free chore chart page!

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