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Grocery shopping list template.

Tips to make using a shopping list easier and more effective.

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Use our grocery shopping tips and get the best results when using this free printable grocery shopping list template. And don't forget to grab your own free ebook Saving Money on Groceries.

  • Post this basic grocery shopping list in a public zone of your home, where everyone can easily find it.

  • Encourage family members to write grocery items on the printable grocery list regularly. For example, if someone opens the last box of a product, he or she should jot the item down on the grocery list.
  • You have more tools than ever to assist you in your mothering profession. If you are a high-tech mom, use the categories from this grocery shopping list template to make a text file, then load onto your pda (personal data assistant).

  • A grocery list template can easily be customized for your own uses. Then save a copy to your computer and print out as needed.

  • Mark brand names that you prefer on your grocery shopping list template before you print it out.

  • By the way, do you know what your average weekly grocery bill is?

  • Trying to save money? Put your grocery shopping list on a budget, too, by simply using it regularly. Refuse to go to the grocery store without it!

  • A groceries list that is simply jotted on a piece of paper is fine, but you will find yourself forgetting less items if you use a formatted shopping list.

  • Using free printable grocery shopping lists means you can organize your trips through the store more efficiently, saving time.

  • You can customize a grocery list template to include brands you buy frequently.

  • The best printable grocery list is one you use - daily - to keep track of what you'll need for your next shopping trip.

(Scroll down for more helpful grocery shopping tips after the grocery shopping list template.)
Print this grocery shopping list template or Saving Money on Groceries or Family Chore Game.

(Requires a PDF file reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader).
grocery shopping list template How to Save Money on Groceries Free Chore Chart - Family Chore Game
  • Print out enough copies of the grocery shopping list template for several months or longer; keep in a folder in your kitchen for handy use.
  • Post copies of your printable shopping list in each bathroom and laundry room as well as your kitchen. Then just gather lists and go when it's time to shop.
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  • Whenever you add an item to the basic grocery list, mark size and quantity of item as well. Then later on, when you're ready to shop, you won't need to figure out how much of an item you need.
  • It's a matter of preference whether you use a blank grocery list template or a prefilled food shopping list.
  • If you shop at multiple stores to get the best deals, customize a separate grocery shopping list template for each store you use for maximum efficiency.
  • Need to save money every month on your grocery bill? See the frugal shopper resource we have researched and recommend.
  • If you have size and brand on your grocery shopping list, you can send your kids to get items from your list as you shop.
  • Additionally, cut your shopping list apart; give each child a basket and a portion of your grocery list and let them shop for you.
  • Need a motivator? Everyone gets $1.00 to spend at the grocery store. There are hundreds of items in a grocery store less than $1.00. This tip alone used to keep my kids very happy (and busy) at shopping time.
  • On the other hand, if you shop more efficiently alone, do so. Swap babysitting with a friend and each of you can shop quickly and in peace.
  • If a friend recommends a new product to try, jot it down on your free printable grocery shopping list. That will remind you to take a quick look when you're at the store.

  • Do sometimes you come home without getting everything on your shopping list? Circle or highlight the items you didn't get and staple to the back of a new grocery shopping list.
  • Remember, no matter how 'cute' a shopping list is, that is not what gets your home organized! Read our article, "How to Use Chore Charts Effectively" to maximize your results using any list system.
  • One grocery shopping list template not enough? Need lots and lots of smart professional mothering ideas on organizing your homelife and office? Here's the declutter resource I use and love. Lots of creative ideas. How can you go wrong with that (smile)?
  • Get more grocery shopping tips on our free printable grocery list page.

Comments from visitors to our site:

"this is a good thing, thanks."
Nell T.

"What a terrific service to us busy homemakers...I am retired and cook all 3 meals every day. This template will certainly help my meal planning and cut down on my shopping time...Thx sooo much."

"Our supermarket just recently revamped, groceries were all organised but not as we knew it.  So, I went shopping with my list, and noted the aisle number for each item I had on my list and I noted the aisle number for familiar things I usually bought too on the back of my list.  I also noted obscure products and the aisle number just in case I needed them ie: firestarters, cd's. towels, brushes and brooms,  health products etc.
 I also made a list of what was indicated on the isle number ie It said Aisle 1:  Potato chips and confectionary
Aisle 2: Cereals, soft drinks
Aisle 3: Tea Coffee Biscuits
I also use:
M = meat
F = Frozen
V = Vegetables and fruit
D = Dairy - butter and cheese etc.
I typed the list up in order  adding my items I use on it too.  Now when I make out my shopping list, I do it per my typed list in aisle numbers.  All aisle 1 together, then aisle 2 etc.  Simple.
It's so much faster to shop now.  I don't have to go back and forth each aisle.  I save by just getting what I want. "
Auckland, New Zealand

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