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House Cleaning Checklist

Print out this free checklist and use our tips to maximize your results.

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Try these tips when using our house cleaning checklist schedule to get the results you want. And don't forget to grab your own free Mama Tools parenting tips reports here.

  • Use a calendar for an at-a-glance monthly house cleaning checklist. Use the numbered and lettered tasks as described in the housecleaning checklist below.

  • Color code the cleaning checklist template for visual ease of use. One color for weekly tasks, another for occasional tasks. Or assign family members a color so everyone can easily stay on top of their jobs.

  • Customize your tasks in the lines provided on the house cleaning schedule, then make copies for easy month-to-month usage.

  • Or, you can use the house cleaning checklist template over and over. Simply insert your printable copy in a plastic sleeve and use a dry erase marker to fill it out each month.
  • The buddy system really works. Ask a friend to help you stay accountable for your daily tasks on your housecleaning checklist and do the same for her.

  • After a month of using this house cleaning checklist by room, analyze your results. Remember, success is not an all-or-nothing idea. It's tiny steps forward on a consistent basis.

  • Got a family loose in your home? Use a simple house cleaning checklist for kids to keep everyone working together smoothly.

(Scroll down for more helpful tips after the housecleaning checklist form.)
Print the house cleaning checklist. or Family Chore Game  (Requires a PDF file reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Free Chore Chart - Family Chore Game

  • Make sure you have the adequate supplies to get your cleaning done efficiently. No one can be effective without the right tools.

  • Give yourself some motivation to use your house cleaning checklist schedule. Choose an appropriate reward and enjoy working towards it. Both you and your homelife will benefit!

  • Take a look at your house cleaning template and study it for signs of busy-work. If you find work that is taking up time but not necessary, get rid of it!

  • Use the 'Customized Tasks' section to write chore chart notes to family members.

  • Color-code the days of the week on the monthly cleaning checklist. Family members may choose one (or two!) colors to help with chores on days that work best for them.

  • Any jobs not completed should be placed first on the following month's house cleaning checklist schedule. And that's not a problem! Your ongoing household chore list will free you up from having to remember what to do and when. A great sanity saver!

  • Be flexible. A household chores checklist is just a guide, both for you and for your kids. Don't give yourself a hard time if you don't get it all done. Life is more important than cleaning.

  • Do you forget to look at your house cleaning checklist each day? Put a reminder on your daily schedule, planner, or pda (personal data assistant).

  • Remember, no matter how 'cute' a chore chart or house cleaning checklist is, that is not what gets your house clean! Read our article, "How to Use Chore Charts Effectively" to maximize your results using any chart or checklist system.

  • Need lots and lots of smart ideas on organizing your homelife and office? I know I do. Successful mothering requires many creative ideas. I use Maria's organizing resource and I love it!

Feedback from moms who have visited our site:

"Thanks for having such a great idea for a organizational chart for chores and house cleaning available. This will hopefully get my 16 year old son a little more organize(d) with his chore(s) and learning to keep things in its place.

Since I am always on the go, I do not have time to create my own chart, this will be a wonderful start. Let's hope that it will help my son with some organization skills. Thanks."
-- Vee

"Have just sent the link to my sister in law. What a great site. The housecleaning schedule is a gem to find. Thanks"
-- Lyndel

"Thank You. This is what I needed to help me stay on task. I have  a TBI and Multiple Sclerosis. Before I had no problem getting things done and work full time with 3 children but since my accident it has been very difficult, and I am not working. I have had a hard time making my own checklist that is appropriate and detailed enough.  I have not found one on my search through internet sites until yours. Your site is one of the best. Thanks."
-- Mary Beth

"this is very helpful thank you"
-- Kim

"Love it it really helped me and my 3 wonderful baby girls"
-- Tasha

"i really enjoy your website, it gave me some ideas to work with families and children thanks"
-- Maria

" Thank you, this was exactly what I was looking for"
-- Nydia

"these were very helpful thank you im a mom of 2 young boys i need all the help i can get"
-- Angie

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