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Use my printable chore list with these proven tips to make your house feel like home again.

Printable chore lists are a great tool you can use to get your household running like a well-oiled machine in a short amount of time.

  • However, there is a caution to using chore lists. They don't work by themselves! Just posting one somewhere in your home will have little effect other than making you frustrated!
  • If you're just starting out, don't overdo it. Use just one printable chore list to help the folks in your family get used to doing the basics. Or, just use one or two printable chore lists yourself to get the feel for how you would like your household to run. This upfront planning can help you see exactly how your particular household runs and the most sensical methods and schedules for your kids chore lists work.
  • Some chore lists work best with a 'chore' methodology. In other words, listing the tasks you want done and assigning each one accordingly. However, some chore charts function best working from a 'calendar' standpoint. For example, a chore list could simply be a Sunday through Saturday calendar with the chores marked down under each day. You could test out both chore chart methods for a month to decide which works best for your situation.

(Scroll down for more helpful tips concerning printable chore lists.)
Here is a printable chore list. (Requires a PDF file reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader).
chore charts

Here are some tips for setting up printable chore lists and making them work!

  • Figure out what you need. Spend some time with paper and pencil, going through your house writing down the chores that need to be done. Make chore lists for both daily tasks and long term (weekly, monthly) chores. These are your master chore lists.
  • Take your master or household chore list and break each job down into their manageable parts. Ask yourself, what ages can do these tasks? Take a lot of notes so that when it comes to actually filling out your printable chore list you'll be ready to assign jobs that are age-appropriate. This will also show you how to set up team chores, where family members can work together and help each other..
  • Print out as many chore lists as you need. Use one for each person in your household, if that makes sense for you to do. Write out each person's responsibilities on their own chore list. At this point, what you have is more of a dream chore list than a reality chore list. For example, you might have scheduled that each family member does five tasks each week and one extra task each month, but you may need to start them out at two chores per week and improve over time. This way you build in success and confidence.
  • As you implement these printable chore lists, you will need to do training on how to do the chores correctly and safely. I always recommend working alongside your family as they learn (and beyond). Running a household isn't just about being neat and clean. It's about building relationships with each other. That always takes priority, even if it means the dishes don't always get done when you wish they were done.
  • As your family begins accomplishing their chore lists, you'll quickly see where you need to make adjustments. Schedules may conflict, age-appropriate issues will crop up. And sometimes people just have other life stuff on their plates. That's okay. What you'll see over time is that using tools like printable chore lists means you have a sturdy foundation from which to run a household. If you let your foundation bend when necessary, it won't have to break.
  • Add in reasonable goals and celebrations with your chore list. Nobody likes to work for free or no appreciation. And please remember, hugs and kisses are fantastic wages!
  • Listen to your family. If something about your printable chore list is genuinely not working out, you need to hear it. You want to be fostering respect, not a mutiny.
  • Here's a thought to consider. Make sure the adults are walking the talk. Nothing will derail the train of cooperation faster in a home than kids experiencing mom and dad talking about leadership, but not actively leading. Being effective, heartfelt leaders in your own home will defuse much stress before it even becomes a problem.
  • If you'd like additional printable chore list tips, then read our chore charts article.
  • Plus, print out our free household chores checklist, too. It will give you ideas to add to your chore lists.

  • If you're like me and find that lots of creative household ideas to pick from work best when organizing a home, then take a look at Maria's organizing ebook. I can really recommend it.

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