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Put this free printable weekly cleaning list to work around your home starting today.

What types of chores often are needed on a weekly cleaning list?

(By the way, my cleaning list can be used as a weekly or monthly chart. Both methods will fit well on this chart.)

  • Cleaning bathrooms, the kitchen, picking up general clutter, vacuuming carpets and rugs, sweeping floors and dusting. This cleaning list is not exhaustive, but will certainly keep you on top of your weekly cleaning tasks overall.
  • Create a separate cleaning list for or designate differently, cleaning jobs that need to be done less than once a week. Your printable weekly cleaning list will get cluttered too quickly if you try to put everything on it every week.
  • This free printable weekly cleaning list can easily be your Master Cleaning List; then use our free chore chart to schedule each family member's chores.
  • Additional ideas for cleaning lists can be found on my printable household chores checklist page.

(Scroll down for more useful insights about using a printable weekly cleaning list.)
Print this free printable weekly cleaning list.  (Requires a PDF file reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader).
house cleaning checklist

Is a free printable weekly cleaning list all you need to make significant improvements in your home?

  • Maybe. Maybe not. If you're looking around for printable cleaning lists you probably are dissatisfied with how the organization is working in your home to some degree. Try these suggestions to make the most out of your weekly cleaning list.

Revisit how you clean.
For example, what tools do you use? Are they worn out? Damaged? Just plain gross? Take a minute to visit the cleaning aisle in your favorite store (my favorites are Bed, Bath and Beyond and World Market.) They have the latest and greatest cleaning gadgets for not much money. Sometimes you can find a cleaning tool that will seriously cut down on your workload. Buy it!!

Also take a second look at your cleaners. They should do two things: give you results and be reasonably safe in your home. You have to decide what that means for your family, but my family got rid of nasty toxic cleaners many years ago. We did a little research and found an environmentally sound company that was serious in its desire to provide products that actually work without being overly toxic. That means even my kids can clean the bathroom with the toilet bowl spray and I don't have to worry about poisonings and accidents.

Now consider the way you clean. I figured this one out when I realized I was still cleaning my house the way my mother taught me to clean hers. Except, I was cleaning MY house, not hers! My standards are different and it has been fun to come up with creative ideas for cleaning better and faster. For instance, do you have a complete set of cleaners and cleaning tools on each level of your home? You'll be surprised at how much easier it is to keep a bathroom clean when you can grab the cleaner and rag and slick everything down in about 30 seconds.

Teach people to be responsible for their weekly cleaning.
I rarely clean my kids''s their mess and they clean it up. I remove most of the clutter from rooms like this to make daily maintenance easier. Sometimes we have cleaning races in our home (we have races for everything...must be in our genes). One, two, three GO...who can get their bathroom cleaned fastest? Or their bedroom picked up first? Or can we get the entire living room cleaned; picked up, floor cleaned, furniture dusted, in less time than playing a song on a CD? Be creative with your cleaning lists and efforts.

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